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January 2013


FRIDAY’S SESSION of the 51st Clinical Congress was held at the new “Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation – (CAMLS). The Center covers an entire city block in downtown Tampa and is a 90,000 square foot, three story facility designed to lead health care transformation through inter-professional education, training and innovation. By inspiring world-class education, training and research, it will elevate quality and safety for patients at the bedside, while improving efficiency and outcomes across the health care delivery system.

State-of-the art mannequins respond with more advanced output to treatment and medications than ever before in a training-friendly environment as to allow residents and seasoned physicians alike, the ability to learn from errors without injuring patients. Each treatment such as medication given, invokes a specific response from the mannequin which needs to be addressed in order to stabilize “the patient.”

During the CAMLS tour, our group was given a demonstration of their new fabrication machine which can duplicate a working model, instrument or tool with slightly new specifications. This can then be tested for the purpose of assessment for future use almost immediately by the physician or technician.

Friday’s session also included lectures by Jamie Sanchez, MD on Advances in Minimally Invasive Colorectal Surgery and the Treatment of Colorectal Cancer; followed by Angel E. Alsina, MD with Liver Cancer Epidemic & Overview of Hepatic Surgical Disorders and Liver Transplantation for General Surgeons: Indications, Candidates & Donation Aspects.

SATURDAY’S SESSION took place at Tampa’s Embassy Suites Downtown Convention Center and was comprised of operative videos and presentation lectures including: Everything A Surgeon Should Know About Pancreatic Cancer & More; Gastric Benign & Malignant Disease by Dr. Alexander Rosemurgy; Esophageal Cancer & Treatment of Perforation and Gallbladder Malignant Disease – Diagnosis & Treatment by Dr. Kimmerle Cohen; Dr. Michel Murr discussed Bile Duct Injuries along with Small Bowel Benign & Malignant Disease; and Dr. Larry R. Glazerman lead into Energy Sources in Surgery with an energetic refresher in physics, as well as, a discussion of Simulation in Surgical Training. Our Saturday conference at this beautiful hotel was followed by a full dinner and drink gala event enjoyed by our attendees and their guests.

SUNDAY’S SESSION continued to excite the audience with lively, interactive discussions by Drs. Charles and John Cox on Benign Disease of the Breast and Breast Cancer – Surgical Aspects. Dr. Charles Cox established the breast surgery program at the Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa in 1986. While at Moffitt he founded and implemented “breast cancer lymphatic mapping.” Dr. John Cox is the Medical Director of the Breast Surgery Center and COC Commission at the University Community Hospital.

The American Board of Abdominal Surgery would like to congratulate Dr. Tarun Kumar, a pediatric surgeon in Iowa on completing the final portion of his examination. He is now Board Certified by ABAS in abdominal surgery. Dr. Kent E. Skogerson, a general surgeon in Washington State has been a long time member of both ASAS and ABAS. He was initially certified in abdominal surgery by the American Board of Abdominal Surgery in 1997. At the 51st Clinical Congress Dr. Skogerson sat for and received his re-certification from the Board. Congratulations goes out to Dr. Skogerson. We were thrilled to have two Residents and two Physician Assistants attend this conference and would like to see our veteran surgeons invite not only new colleagues but younger medical staff who have begun their journey in the field of medicine. They are our future!

PLEASE NOTE: The acceptance of abstracts for the annual Journal of the American Society of Abdominal Surgeons, Inc. is ongoing. This Journal is distributed to members in good standing, as well as, many teaching hospitals, medical libraries and facilities throughout the country. Please contact the office if you intend submitting an Abstract for consideration.

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52nd Clinical Congress
November 1 – 3, 2013

53rd Clinical Congress
Oct. 31 Nov. 2, 2014

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