Guideline for Authors

All articles submitted for publication must conform to the following checklist:

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Articles from the Journal of Abdominal Surgery

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1. A short abstract of the article must be submitted on a separate page consisting of 150 words or less.

2. The first and last names of all authors, their academic degrees, the institution from which the article came, and the address, telephone number and fax number of the author, to whom questions may be directed or reprints requested, must be included in the title page.

3. A short summary, of no more than three sentences, must be included in the manuscript, for inclusion in the table of contents under the title of the article.

4. References, tables and figures should be listed in chronological order as they appear in the text, following the general guidelines listed in the American Medical Association Manual of Style: a guide for authors and editors, 9th Edition. They should be typed, double-spaced on a separate sheet. Authors must be responsible for the accuracy of their references.

5. Articles must have clarity, organization and style. The articles must be original, unpublished and not posted on the internet, in one of the following categories of abdominal surgery: clinical and/or experimental surgery; new or innovative surgical technique; book reviews; pharmacology; brief reports and case reports.

6. An original manuscript and two complete copies and on a CD-ROM, in a format compatible with "Word Perfect" for "Windows", version 6.1 or higher (ASCII will not be accepted), must be submitted to the editor at the address provided.

Manuscripts must be typed, upper and lower case letters, double spaced, on letter size, white bond paper, with one inch margins. Each page must be consecutively numbered and should not exceed 12 pages. Acceptable English and readability are important factors in the acceptance of articles.

Most manuscripts must include background material, methods and materials used, results derived and conclusions reached.


References must follow those guidelines referred to above in the AMA Manual of Style, Examples follow:

Book: Author (last name, initials). Book Title. Edition (if any). City of Publication: Publisher; Year of Publication: page numbers. [Kowalski, RE. The 8-Week Cholesterol Cure. New York: Harper & Row; 1992:113-119.]

Chapter in Book: Author (last name, initials). Chapter Title. In: Author.Book Title. Edition (if any). City of Publication: Publisher; Year: page numbers. [Hobsley, M. Pyloric Reconstruction. In: Cuschieri, A and Hennessy, TPJ, eds. General Surgery. London: Bailliere Tindall; 1985:42-61.]

Journal Articles: Author (last name, initials). Title of Article. Journal Name. Year; Volume: page numbers. [Payne, H & DeWind LF. Surgical Treatment of Obesity. American Journal of Surgery. 1963; 106:273.]

Names of authors, up to three in number, must be listed. If there are more than three authors, the remaining should be referred to as et al.

Figures must be submitted as black and white 5 X 7 inch, glossy photographs, unmounted and in good focus, or as high-quality computer-generated likenesses. Number of the figure, author's name and title of manuscript must be indicated on the back of each figure. Legends must be typed, double-spaced on a separate sheet, as well as on the back of each figure.

Tables must not repeat information in the text of the manuscript. They are to be numbered consecutively in Roman numbers, typed, double-spaced on a separate sheet. Avoid tabs.

Permission to print photographs of persons whose identites are not disguised, must be submitted with the manuscript. Informed consent of human subjects involved in experiments or research programs, must be mentioned in the methods section of the manuscript.

Potential conflicts of interest due to financial support or otherwise, must be acknowledged by authors and reviewers alike.

All manuscripts should be submitted to:
Louis F. Alfano, Jr., MD,
Editor; The American Society of Abdominal Surgeons, Inc.;
824 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Ste. 1 Melrose, MA 02176


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